What’s the Difference Between the Emerald Hammer and the Emerald hammer KIT?

Can’t decide what light is right for your grow? Here are the facts to help you decide.

Arden Lighting Tech offers two versions of its cutting-edge LED grow light, the Emerald Hammer. 


The standard version, the EH500, comes ready-to-grow straight out of the box. Just plug and plant. We’ve also recently launched a new light, the customizable EH500K. This version comes in a kit with print and video instructions that you use to assemble yourself. With a little electrical skill and about an hour of labor, you can save some money to reinvest elsewhere in your grow.  

Both Emerald Hammer fixtures use eight LM301H Samsung high-output LED boards. A full-spectrum horticulture-specific light spectrum, with additional deep red 660nm light output that works for veg and flower grow cycles. They’re also both painted with antimicrobial, highly-reflective paint and boast 85+ CRI (Color Rendering Index) to keep your grow space top-notch.


Unboxing of LED grow light Emerald Hammer


Ready-to-Grow Right Out of the Box.

The original Emerald Hammer comes fully assembled. Our experts install an additional junction box for enclosed wiring for a tidy, professional finish. It also includes a 10-foot power cord. You just plug and plant.


Same Quality, Assembly Required

The Emerald Hammer EH500k is sold as a kit. It arrives in a package with everything you need for assembly and installation. Our engineers have created easy-to-follow video and print instructions to guide you through each step. Assembly should take about an hour.

Power Supply


The original Emerald Hammer EH500 includes a 500w Meanwell LED power supply. This power supply comes mounted directly to the heat sink housing with ventilation slits to allow for air-flow and heat distribution.


This customizable kit gives you the option of either a 500w Meanwell LED power supply or a 450w Electronics LED power supply. The main difference between these drivers, besides the obvious wattage, is how they are dimmed. 


Either option attaches to the back of the heatsink housing with 1-inch standoffs to allow air-flow for heat distribution.


Moving the heat sink off of the housing allows the product to be smaller for tight spaces and an easy assembly process. 

Dimming the Emerald Hammer


The original Emerald Hammer features a dimmer that’s adjusted using an included screwdriver that changes the light output directly on the power supply


The Emerald Hammer EH500K features an optional dimmer hand knob or . This knob is quick to install and provides easy control. 

With the 450w Electronics LED power supply dimming leads are easily accessed and can be controlled with a variety of lighting control networks. 


Meets Industry Standards for Large Grows

The original Emerald Hammer meets Intertech Safety Standards when needed with available polycarbonate lenses. It’s also longer 5.5 inches to account for power source ventilation and the enclosed wire box. Call us for information on large facility grows at 414-410-3600.

large indoor grow with emerald hammer LED grow light


Sleek and Skinny for Small Grows

The EH500K has a 26” x 22.5” x 3” minimalist heat sink housing, purposely designed to be lightweight and slim.

LED cannabis grow light in 4x4 grow tent

Satisfaction Garenteed

Whichever grow light you choose, know you’re getting the best from Arden Lighting Tech. We are proudly a small, American company that prides itself on excellent customer care and after-sale service, whether you buy directly through us or one of our distributors. We back both lights with our 3-year warranty.

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