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Exceptional Lighting for an Exceptional Harvest

Our products are designed specifically for commercial and home cannabis cultivation. Designed to uniformly and efficiently provide Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) for exceptional crop performance. We use horticulture-specific light spectrums with dimmable outputs to support plants from clone through flower. Lighting is often the most critical component to a successful indoor grow and our goal is to ensure you have an easy, abundant yield.

Michael Kodat
Twitch Streamer

I couldn’t be happier with the switch.\r\nI now have 1 light built for my specific growing environment instead of 3 lights combined to get the same coverage. Not to mention the plants are growing faster and looking healthier while I’m actually using less wattage.

Chris Grams
Master Grower – Medical

Huge improvement over the “blurple” light I have been using, I can see my plants so clearly. Provides light similar to the 1000w HPS I have been trying to get rid of for a while. I’m really happy to find a low energy, low heat replacement for my old HPS. The on-fixture dimming is the best part, one light to replace the 3 I have now!


We were impressed with the EH500 as soon as we opened the package…It produces an incredible amount of light with a nice and even spread. We’re looking forward to seeing what this thing can do once we’re able to go full power over the girls!


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